The concept of the SynthTable is simply a synthesizer inside the body of a turntable.
For a better understanding of how it works please watch “SynthTable 101.”

As of right now, the SynthTable (patented) is still in development.
A working prototype is currently available and you can view it being played live here.


“I think what Black Cat is doing extraordinary! I think the SynthTable will take him into another realm of sound and art. I look forward to hear what he brings to the future!”

-Jeff Coffin
Saxophonist of Dave Matthews Band

“Black Cat Sylvester is one of the most musical DJs on the planet with a natural feeling for seamless technology… A technique & feeling to help any groove… Ears as big as a symphony orchestra… And imagination as wide as a film soundtrack… I have worked with Sylvester in all of the above musical situations and he is the first and only DJ I know to perform at a TED Talk in front of a symphony orchestra! The sky is not the limit with this guy and I look forward to more collaborations and checking out the new stuff he is coming up with!”

-Roy Futureman Wooten
Drummer of Belá Fleck & the Flecktones